Thursday, March 12, 2009

Italian Cheese Bread is Ambrosia

Today has been good.  Let me tell you why.

I woke up at 7:15 and said, "Hmm... I don't think I'll go to class today."  I woke up at 8:15, called Katy to make sure that she was awake and she told me that she was proud of me for skipping class.  This is only my second time to do so this entire semester.  

I fell back asleep and woke up around 10:30.  I emailed my teachers to make sure that I have my bases covered and then I walked over to Dawson's room.  We looked at each other and just started laughing.  There's snow on the ground.  It's March 12th.  It was 80 degrees outside just the other day.  Hello, Arkansas.

Josh got up and we all came into my room to have a little pow-wow.  Eventually, we decided that pizza was a good idea, so I called Little Caesars and headed out the door.  Four pieces of Italian Cheese Bread and three pieces of pepperoni pizza later, we played some blitz.  I went 2-0, beating Dawson in double overtime.  Whaddup.

And now, I'm thinking about things that I need to do today, like go to work and do some school assignments.  No class tomorrow, of course, and Katy will be coming to see me!  Hooray.  I miss that girl.

On Saturday we're going to Memphis for Lacey's birthday.  We'll hit up the zoo, probably grab some BBQ and then head home.  Should be fun.

Productivity, here I come!


  1. Kaitlyn and I skipped school every day last semester. We almost didn't pass any of our classes. Remember?

  2. I like reading your stuff. Even if it just random pieces of life.

    Sounds like you have things under control. :)