Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer has started.  Lots of changes so far; lots of things staying the same.  Jesus' love for me would be the one of the things that has stayed the same.   Lord knows I don't deserve it.

I'm waiting tables here:

I start my internship at KARN tomorrow:

I'm playing a festival next weekend and a show at Sticky Fingerz on the 21st.  Check out my band here:  

The band and I are hoping to record in the near future.  We're one song away from finishing our "Long Time Comin'" EP.  

I'm reading Breakfast of Champions, and I just finished Lullaby.  Vonnegut and Palahniuk, respectively.  Both are brilliant.  

This rainy Mother's Day afternoon calls for coffee and reading.  Thank you, grandma, grams, and mom, for all the ways you have been a blessing in my life.  



  1. I miss you. I haven't read Lullaby, but I read Diary and Invisible Monsters the summer that I waited tables at Rumba. Good luck on the internship tomorrow. E will be home on Wednesday for a few days.

  2. this is interesting. I read both of those, and in that order last summer.
    you need to read the moviegoer next.

  3. summer changes are always good and sad at the same time. It's amazing how we can be ever changing, but God stays the same.

  4. aww yay. me and j will be sure to come see you at rumba sometime!

    also, i wish sticky fingerz wasn't 21+ :(